Cookies policy

Browsing the Website may cause cookies to be installed on the user’s computer. Cookies are small files that are saved on any communication device used by the User (for example: computer, phone and tablets) when browsing the Website. These files allow the exchange of status information between the Website and the User’s terminal. This data is likely to reveal the type of terminal used, the date and time of the visit, the IP address as well as the activities carried out on the Website. 

These data allow us to remember the User during his successive uses of the Website and to record his browsing journey:

  • in order to retain the settings and parameters allowing you to access the Website in an appropriate manner (screen  resolution, etc.); 
  • in order to improve security, the quality of services and navigation on the Website; 
  • for audience measurement, analysis and statistical purposes; 
  • in order to keep in memory the contents of your shopping cart or your list of favorites on the Website;
  • in order to authenticate you on the Website to your customer account; 
  • to send and display targeted advertising based on your interests on other websites and / or on social networks; and
  • to allow the sharing of information and / or interact with BRAIN FOR BEAUTY on social networks. 

What types of cookies are used on the website? 

We use strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential in order to allow you to browse the Website and use its  features. Without these cookies, operations and functionalities related to the products you have or wish to order, such as  remembering your login data, cannot be ensured. These cookies also remember the choices you make such as, for example,  the country from which you are visiting the site.

They can thus be used to offer you an experience more adapted to your  device and to make your visits more pleasant and personalized (e.g. display of the pages of the Website adapted to your  device, faster loading of the pages). They also allow you to remember your authentication credentials and thus allow you to stay connected to your customer account throughout your browsing. Finally, they retain the contents of your current  shopping cart or your list of favorites. For this type of cookies, your consent is not necessary. 

Some cookies may also be issued by our partners for: 

  • personalize the User experience outside the Website; 
  • identify the Products viewed or purchased on the Website; 
  • send the newsletter if the User has subscribed to it; 

The issuance and use of third-party cookies are governed by the provisions of their respective privacy policies. 

The User may refuse the deposit of third-party cookies on his device by making an appropriate setting in his browser  according to the instructions offered by the CNIL. 

How to configure the deposit of cookies? 

The User’s prior consent is required before any reading or placing of cookies not strictly necessary for the operation of the Site, namely on this Website for audience measurement cookies, social network buttons and targeted advertising cookies. 

In accordance with the guidelines and the recommendation of the CNIL on the matter, BRAIN FOR BEAUTY collects the  User’s consent by means of an accessible platform, during his first navigation on the Website and at any time thanks to the  link “Manage your cookie preferences ”appearing at the bottom left of all pages of the Website.  

This platform allows the user: 

  • directly accept the deposit of all types of cookies; Where 
  • to directly refuse the deposit of all types of cookies for which consent is mandatory; Where
  • to choose in a granular way the purposes of cookies for which the User wishes to give his consent or refuse it. 

In case of setting of refusal of all cookies, the User is informed that he will not be able to make purchases of Product (s) nor  to take advantage of the essential functions of the Site. 

How long are cookies kept? 

The retention periods applicable to cookies differ depending on whether they are session cookies (i.e. a cookie temporarily  placed on your device that appears when you access the Website and disappears when you close your browser window.  web browser) or permanent cookies (i.e. a cookie that will remain on your device for a certain period of time to allow us  to remember your preferences on future visits). In any case, the cookies deposited will never be kept for more than 6 to 13  months on your terminal, depending on the purposes of the cookies concerned.

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