12 Best Creams and Serums With Hyaluronic Acid of 2022

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Dry skin… Deep wrinkles… Acne scars… What if there was a single, miracle ingredient that could solve all these skincare woes?

If you’ve wondered that while applying endless ingredients and products to your skincare routine, we have good news for you. Hyaluronic acid can be found in many skincare products today, and it addresses all those skincare issues!

The best hyaluronic acid creams leave your skin feeling more hydrated and youthful than ever before. Plus, you can add hyaluronic acid serums to your skincare routine to penetrate even deeper! Keep reading to find out how it works and where to get it.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Would you be surprised to learn that hyaluronic acid is already found naturally in your body? It’s a lubricating and cushioning substance found between your joints and in your eyes. 

Of course, the hyaluronic acid that you’ll find in your serums and creams was not made in the human body. Scientists have found a way to manufacture hyaluronic acid in a lab by fermenting specific bacterias. It’s also sometimes harvested from the comb of roosters.

Today, hyaluronic acid is used in many cosmetic products because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. People use it in both oral and topical treatments for hydration and healing. 

The Benefits of Using Hyaluronic Acid for Skin

There are many benefits to using hyaluronic acid topical products for your skin. It makes sense that something found naturally in your body has so many uses to keep it running smoothly externally.

Moisture Retention

It helps keep your skin hydrated by retaining water. Instead of being an ingredient that adds moisture to your skin, it helps your skin hold on to the moisture that you apply in other methods. A single quarter teaspoon of hyaluronic acid can hold one and a half gallons of water. For that reason, it’s a good idea to put on serums with hyaluronic acid immediately after washing your face.

Wrinkle Treatment

Hyaluronic acid can improve the flexibility of your skin. Wrinkles and lines appear when your skin has more difficulty bouncing back from the lines it gets when you make facial expressions. By increasing the flexibility of your skin, you’re able to contort it and trust that the skin will snap back into place.

Not only is hyaluronic acid great for preventing future wrinkles, but it can even prevent future wrinkles from forming. 

Injury and Scare Treatment

If you have any kind of trouble with acne, it’s a great idea to add hyaluronic acid into your skin routine. Acne can leave little injuries on your face that if left untreated will scar. Those scars lead to a bumpier skin texture, and no one wants that.

Hyaluronic acid will help any existing injuries on your face heal faster and more effectively so that you aren’t left with any new scars. It will also treat some of your existing scars so that they become less visible.

The Difference Between Creams and Serums

Serums and creams are both facial products that people use to moisturize, treat wrinkles, treat acne, and heal scars. The difference between creams and serums is in their formulation and what they’re best at treating.

Serums are less oil-based than most creams. They lack the thickening agents that creams have and are simply their active ingredients in the highest concentration. They’re also made to penetrate into the skin, unlike creams which leave a remaining topical treatment.

Creams include some kind of oil base such as petroleum to retain moisture. That ingredient stays on top of the skin to create a barrier of protection and continue treating your skin long after you stop using it.

Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing between the best hyaluronic acid creams and the best serums with hyaluronic acid, it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

Serums tend to address specific skin issues with their high potency. For example, you can use a brightening serum to treat dark spots while a brightening moisturizer might not be as effective.

If you’re worried about dry skin, you should be looking into effective hyaluronic acid creams to make sure that you’re locking in moisture. 

But the absolute best choice is to combine them! The best skin care routines include a serum to deeply penetrate skin and solve specific problems followed by a moisturizer to make sure all those ingredients get locked in, protected, and moisturized.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Creams

As mentioned before, the goal of the hyaluronic acid creams is to treat the skin and then lock in moisture. Hyaluronic acid alone is great at that job, but let’s look at some of the best hyaluronic acid creams and the other ingredients they include. Those ingredients can work with hyaluronic acid to get you even more benefits.

Best Anti-Aging Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

When is the best time to apply the best hyaluronic acid creams? When you apply a night cream, you give your skin the chance to absorb the helpful ingredients all night long without interruption. 

The Ingredient Secret Concentrated Juvenescence Night Balm delivers its anti-aging and regenerative powers while you sleep. Use it night after night to pamper your skin and get the full effects.

Not only does it moisturize your skin with the hyaluronic acid, but it also treats and prevents wrinkles making it one of the best anti-wrinkle creams you can buy. It plumps and firms your skin thanks to regenerative, moisturizing, and protecting biochemical ingredients. This miracle of science will become your new skincare addiction.

The 96% of ingredients of natural origin have all gone through intense clinical studies to make sure that they are the best ingredients for dehydrated, sensitive, and allergic skin. It comes out with both a high efficacy rate and skin tolerance.

Hyaluronic Acid Cream for Acne-Prone Skin

Remember, creams include some kind of oil base. For people with acne-prone skin, this can be tricky. Adding more oil to the face can increase the likelihood of developing pimples as the oil can get trapped inside pores.

The Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Acid Cloud Cream helps solve that problem while delivering high-intensity hydration. When your skin is dry, it produces more sebum and oil which clogs up your pores. So it’s important to keep acne-prone skin hydrated (even if that’s hard without the oils).

This super lightweight gel-cream won’t feel heavy on your face but instead offers the intense hydration of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Your skin will end up looking smooth and supple.

Because it lacks oils, fragrances, and alcohol it’s great for sensitive skin. It just won’t do the double duty of wrinkle treatment that the Ingredient Secret cream has.

Best Cream Mask

The 111Skin Molecular Hydration Mask is a great option if you want to really give your skin a boost of hydration. It isn’t necessarily a cream meant to be used as part of your daily routine, but it is great for those days when your dry skin could use a little extra love.

This cream mask has it all with vitamin c to strip away the top layer of compromised skin and protect the new layer of skin from photosensitivity. Teprenone reduces the appearance of pimples and encourages new cell growth for younger-looking skin. Wu Zhu Yu Extract is a natural botanical ingredient that brightens and enhances your skin’s natural radiance.

Of course, the final ingredient is hyaluronic acid in three weights to penetrate three layers of your skin. You’ll get both the benefits of a deeper penetrating light-weight hyaluronic acid as well as topical skin protection from a heavier weight variety.

Best Eye Creams With Hyaluronic Acid

The SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Cream addresses all the issues that you’d want to be handled by an eye cream with the power of hyaluronic acid. Over time, the sensitive skin around your eyes starts to lose its resilience. As you age, you’re left with eye bags, dark circles, and of course wrinkles.

This eye cream’s ingredients improve the appearance of your eyes immediately after application and then continue to improve your skin health through regular use. It slowly brightens dark circles, depuffs your bags, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles over the course of a few weeks.

Phenylethyl Resorcinol reduces melanin imbalances to even out your skin tone. Marine Extracts create a healthy skin barrier and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Caffeine, Persian silk tree extract, and St. Paul’s wort improve vascular function so that your skin can look firmer and more radiant.

And as always, there’s hyaluronic acid to moisturize and smooth the appearance of your eye area while gently treating your face’s most sensitive skin.

Best Serums With Hyaluronic Acid

All the best creams in the world are often not enough. You’ll need a great serum to go under your hyaluronic cream to make sure that the acid has a chance to deeply penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. The deeper it can go, the more beautiful your skin will be as you naturally shed the top layers to reveal the super hydrated new skin underneath.

Skin Hydrating Serum

We’ve already gone over the fact that one of the greatest uses for hyaluronic acid is moisturizing. The Skin Hydrating Serum from Dermologica is great not only for adding moisture to the skin but for targeting specific problem areas.

The great thing about serum is that you don’t have to apply it all over. You can apply a concentrated amount to an area that is experiencing extra dryness. Some wrinkles are wrinkles at all but are actually just dehydration lines. They disappear as soon as they’re more hydrated!

The best thing about this serum is that it’s light enough for you to actually mix in with your moisturizer if you want the effects all over.

Skin Plumping Serum

It’s no secret that plumper skin is younger-looking skin. The Hyaluronic Serum from Dr. Barbara doesn’t just add that amazing hydration of hyaluronic acid. It also visibly plumps the skin so that you can see that effect in its full glory.

Its lightweight hyaluronic acid makes sure that the hydration is lasting long-term while the heavy-weight hyaluronic acid promotes current skin hydration. It also includes the ingredient, purslane, which is an anti-aging powerhouse that protects from future sun damage and skin irritation.

With this serum, and with any serum, make sure that you let it completely absorb into your skin before you apply an oil or moisturizer. Otherwise, you could end up wiping away the ingredients before they’re had time to penetrate and improve your deeper layers.

Does Hyaluronic Acid Have Any Side Effects or Risks?

Very few people experience side effects while using hyaluronic acid products. But as with any topical treatment, there are bound to be some people with a specific sensitivity. Always do a test patch before applying a new skincare product to your face.

Most side effects associated with hyaluronic acid are more likely a reaction to the act of injection. Since we’ve only discussed topical treatments here, it isn’t something that you need to worry about as long as your skin test went well.

The Best Serums and Creams with Hyaluronic Acid

You won’t believe the amazing benefits that the best hyaluronic acid creams and serums can have on your skin. After just a few uses of one of these amazing products, you’ll have healthier, less wrinkled, less scarred, and more hydrated skin!Want to learn about the whole Ingredient Secret system? Check out the Renaisscience Cellulaire collection!

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