How long does it take for collagen supplements to work

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As you may already know, collagen is one of the most important ingredients of most lotions that promise you forever youth and beauty. As you age, the natural level of collagen drops too, so you need to offer yourself an „update” to enlarge this level to the previous peak. Once you use the mighty power of collagen, you will never want to give it up. Among its benefits, collagen offers you healthier, more youthful skin, but also, stronger bones. You may wonder „How long does it take for collagen supplements to work”. 

Well, the results aren’t instant, because some products work faster than others. You must discover for yourself. To get the strongest effect from the best collagen supplements, you must have a great health status as the process depends on each individual. Today we will talk more about those factors that cause collagen supplements to take a longer or a shorter period of time to work. 

Collagen supplement: what is that?

Collagen itself is an important protein, actually is the most abundant protein in your organism. This is why it plays a vital role in connecting tissues, structuring the skin, supporting the bones. When a person has a strong collagen deficit, you will see it in the poor bone health and fast aging of the skin. 

Although you can find collagen in many food sources and nutrients, some people prefer taking collagen supplements for the best results. Most supplements are filled with hydrolyzed type I collagen which is from bones, hides, and fish. This type of collagen contains essential amino acids that will allow the accessories to break down sufficiently in the body. 

How long do collagen supplements take to work?

The time collagen supplements take to work depends upon various factors. Studies have shown that you will notice improvements in 4 to 12 weeks

Regular sun exposure

If you daily expose your skin to the sun, you will also expose it to the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin. You should consider that damaged skin takes a lot longer to heal, so the collagen will need more time to work. 

Toxic habits

In the category of toxic habits for your mind and skin are smoking and alcohol consumption. These two habits can contribute to decreasing bone health and poor skin. So, the collagen supplements will need a longer period of time to work for you. If you want fast results, make fast changes: quit smoking and alcohol consumption. 

Dietary choices

Doctors talk about unhealthy diets all the time. Diets that are high in sugar or fatty foods will influence your skin health, so you may end up with poor skin. Also, sugar can slow down or even inhibit the entire collagen production. By cutting out these types of food you will improve skin and get good body health. Sugar reduction will also allow the improvement of collagen production, and the result will be that supplements work faster. 

Limited sleep

Lack of sleep has many effects, but the essential one for skin health is that it will cause fatigue and that will slow down collagen production. If your body has a slow output of collagen, this will cause supplements to take longer to work

A deficit skincare

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you will need to put up more effort into maintaining moisture levels because hydrated skin will produce more collagen. This is why an effective skincare routine is what you need to keep your skin nice and healthy. Collagen supplements will work faster for skin that’s in a good condition and health, and that’s a fact. Hyaluronic acid is also used to maintain and improve skin health. 

If your skincare is not effective, then your collagen supplements will take longer to work. Also, if your body or the skin is dehydrated, that will cause a decrease in collagen levels. 

Wound healing abilities

The skin repairing process is different for each person. If you are the type of person that takes a long time to heal its wounds or skin, then this is a clear sign of slow collagen production. One option is to increase wound recovery time with collagen-boosting foods or nutrients. 

Due to your unhealthy lifestyle or deficit of skincare, collagen supplements can take longer to work on some people over others. It is also possible to even increase the time it takes for collagen to improve your skin and overall lifestyle health. 

Collagen usually causes little to no risk. Yet, supplements can interact with other medicines or current health conditions. This is why you must be informed because of making a choice. 

Side effects or even risks of collagen supplements

Collagen supplements are an insured, safe, and productive method for increasing the health of your bones and skin. It is uncommon for them to cause incidental effects and wellbeing. However, this relies upon the person’s present wellbeing status and medical challenges. 

General symptoms of healthy people comprise a bad taste in the mouth or stomach-related issues.

It is more common for purchasers to experience possible secondary effects and wellbeing changes assuming they have sensitivities such as allergies. Allergens that might interfere with collagen supplements include:

  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Egg

Fabricating ingredients may vary, so you must check the label prior to consuming collagen supplements.

There is deficient proof to suggest whether collagen supplements are recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing moms. Therefore, look for proficient guidance from your primary care physician prior to utilizing collagen products.

Alongside incidental effects, it is fundamental to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of collagen supplements, so check whether they are recommended or essential for you:

Advantages and disadvantages of collagen supplements

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of collagen supplements you might wish to consider prior to purchasing and utilizing. Here they are:


  • Promptly available
  • Many demonstrated medical advantages for the skin and bones
  • Offers dependable outcomes with regular use
  • Ensured results with continued use
  • Reasonable prices


  • Can increase sensitivities
  • Collagen supplements are not yet FDA-supported.

Assuming you consider that collagen supplements are reasonable and helpful for you, you need to find out where to buy them.

The most effective method to utilize collagen supplements: the short guide

Collagen supplements are accessible as capsules, gels, or powders. Due to the huge amount of products available on the market, dose prerequisites fluctuate.

Generally speaking, studies recommend somewhere in the range of 2 and 10 grams of collagen each day is safe and effective enough to offer results.

Your primary care physician and the manufacturer can give more info on the doses you can consider.

Is it dangerous to ingest too many collagen supplements?

An excess of collagen can cause hard and thick skin, so you must be careful about the dose you are taking every day. An individual would have to consume a ton for this to occur. In any case, there have been reports of it previously.

Make sure you are taking the right dose or either your skin will be severely harmed. Other than your skin, an unsuitable dose of collagen supplements can likewise influence the heart, kidneys, and lungs.

Guarantee you adhere to the measurements prescribed forestalling any serious damage to your skin. A healthy dose will offer compelling outcomes for better-looking, more youthful skin.

Starting a new diet with collagen supplements seems like the best option for those people that experience severe loss of hair, thick nails, splitting ends of hair, or wrinkled skin. Before choosing to do it, make sure to check with your physician for possible side effects on your medical conditions. 

Every person has several conditions or allergies, so starting new diets it’s not a safe choice if you don’t talk with your doctor. So, the answer to the question: How long does it take for collagen supplements to work is not a precise one. It depends on multiple factors, but the most important one is your overall health. Use wisely, stay safe, ask for a piece of medical advice!

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