The Best Anti-Aging Creams to Use in 2022

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It is said that beauty is a short-lived luxury, but with the introduction of cosmetic creams, beauty is more long-lasting than it’s ever been! We all wish we could turn back time and never take our wrinkle-free skin for granted. Your youthful days are long gone, and all that’s left is unstoppable aging. 

In this modern age, anti-aging creams are the holy grail for people who don’t want to look their age. Turning sixty is a milestone, but who says you have to play the part?

Anti-aging creams have been on the market for years. By only applying them once or twice daily, you will see your age reversed in time. Who doesn’t want to get younger every birthday?

Are you feeling self-conscious about your age and wondering what the best anti-aging creams are in 2022? Is it getting difficult to apply your favorite cosmetics because you aren’t wrinkle-free? Don’t fret, because every beauty solution comes in product form.

Continue reading to learn what are the best anti-wrinkle creams to use in 2022!

How We Chose the Best Anti-Aging Creams

Our collection of the best anti-aging creams is curated through reading online reviews from clients, as well as from certified dermatologists.

When choosing anti-wrinkle cream brands, you must be familiar with the ingredients found in these products to choose the best creams for your clients. Luckily, the research is done for you, and you can learn about common anti-aging ingredients through the following:

1. Retinoids

Retinoids derive from vitamin A and are known to repair skin from sun damage. Types of retinoids include retinol, retinyl palmitate, and retinoic acid. Retinoids can dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave you with smooth, youthful skin. 

Retinoids work by reducing the breakdown of collagen and instead helping you produce new skin cells. Most people have wrinkles because they have less collagen available to produce smooth skin. Retinoids can rectify this by promoting new collagen production.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C’s antioxidants can boost collagen and prevent wrinkles from forming. It can help treat harmful UV photodamage, as well as be a safe serum for everyday use.

The most effective form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid; with proper concentration, ascorbic acid can take an anti-aging cream from mediocre to downright life-changing.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

If you’re looking for an ingredient that can boost moisture and be an anti-aging agent, then hyaluronic acid is perfect for you.

This acid secretes from your body naturally and contributes to your skin’s flexibility. Because hyaluronic acid is so moisturizing, it prevents bone stiffness and reduces dry skin.

By being a natural lubricant, hyaluronic acid reduces the effects of aging by increasing skin elasticity. Your skin has the most flexibility when you’re young; wrinkles occur because you lose skin elasticity as you get older. Hyaluronic acid can assist with this issue by retaining water in your skin.

4. Extracts 

Extracts are a great, natural way to introduce anti-aging products into your routine. Botanical extracts, such as green tea, can act as anti-bacterial agents and purify the skin. Other beneficial extracts in your anti-wrinkle creams are grape seed, hemp seed, and black tea. 

5. Matrixyl

Another ingredient that does it all is Matrixyl, a product well-versed in boosting elasticity, collagen, and hyaluronic acid production. This ingredient reduces wrinkles in the same way as retinol but garners results quicker and without skin irritation.

Matrixyl is best used by itself, so do not use it in conjunction with retinol or vitamin C. These products can irritate the skin. Matrixyl performs remarkably on its own!

Our Top Anti-Aging Creams

Now that you are familiar with the top anti-aging cream ingredients, you can learn the scope of what anti-wrinkle cream brands are best for you. These products are organized by their advantages so you’re able to navigate wrinkle cream options easily.

Best Anti-Aging Night Creams

The best anti-aging night creams are going to leave your face feeling refreshed and moisturized once you wake up. Not only that, but you’ll notice improvements in skin health almost instantly, especially if you’re working with a great brand.

1. Ingredient Secret Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

With the best biotechnological ingredients to offer, Ingredient Secret produces an anti-wrinkle night cream that, quite literally, works overnight. This night cream is made from Red Algae, IceAwake, and Matrixyl: all of which reduce the effects of aging and promote skin health.

Ingredient Secret night cream works best on dehydrated, sensitive, and allergy-prone skin. It has proven clinical effectiveness by offering radiance, firmness, and regeneration to clients struggling with wrinkles.

The anti-aging night cream comes in a 50mL jar and is available on Ingredient Secret website. This product is also distributed at pharmacies, drugstores, health food stores, and aesthetic clinics.

Pros: Great for Sensitive Skin. 96% of Ingredients Are Natural. No Skin Irritation.

Cons: Works Better With Anti-Aging Supplements.

2. Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream

Rodial’s night cream is purposely made to work as you sleep, making it an effective cream to use before you head to bed. In using retinol, this cream will dramatically reduce fine lines overnight, as well as moisturize your skin with hyaluronic acid and shea butter.

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream comes in a 50mL jar and is available on various skincare websites, such as Dermstore. It is also available on Amazon and Walmart’s online store.

Pros: Hydrating. Great for Dull Skin. Reduces Inflammation.

Cons: Expensive.

3. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer

With results appearing in just one week, Neutrogena’s Night Moisturizer is one of the best anti-wrinkle creams on the market. It boosts collagen production through retinol and hyaluronic acid. It works well with dry skin and reduces large pores.

This night moisturizer comes in a 29mL bottle and can be bought on Amazon, Walmart, or Ulta-Beauty.

Pros: Lightweight. Budget-friendly.

Cons: Users Report Skin Irritability.

Best Anti-Aging Daytime Creams

The biggest benefit of daytime creams is that they generally contain SPF, which is necessary if you’re using a cream with ingredients that attract UV rays, such as retinol.

1. Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Cream SPF 30

With a blend of jojoba and sunflower waxes, Lancome’s daytime cream works best on skin that needs hydration. This cream is great for people who want to reduce the effects of dark spots, as well as lift and firm their skin.

Lancome’s anti-aging cream is sold on Sephora, as well as Ulta Beauty and Macy’s. It comes in a jar ranging from 30mL to 75mL.

Pros: Strong SPF. Great Hydration.

Cons: Expensive. Strong Fragrance.

2. CeraVe Skin Renewing Day Cream SPF 30

This anti-aging skin moisturizer is specifically made with ceramides, along with a non-comedogenic moisturizer, to prevent hydration loss. CeraVe’s product contains SPF with retinol that is released in small, effective doses into the skin. 

This moisturizer comes in a 50mL bottle and is available at your nearest pharmacy store, such as CVS or Walgreens. You can also purchase this product at Walmart.

Pros: Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic.

Cons: Watery Texture. Low Doses of Retinol.

3. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream SPF 30

Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is not only an effective anti-wrinkle moisturizer but also a lightweight SPF. It’s formulated with Vitamin B3 and Amino-Peptides, both of which hydrate to get plump and firm skin.

Olay’s anti-aging cream is found on official website in a 50mL bottle. It’s also sold at Walmart, Walgreens, and Target.

Pros: Affordable. Lightweight SPF.

Cons: Strong Fragrance. Heavy Formula.

Best Anti-Aging Creams for Sensitive Skin

Anti-wrinkle cream brands typically put strong ingredients into their products. However, many of the following brands will cater to your sensitive skin with softer ingredients, while also giving you the best anti-aging product to offer.

1. SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream

This cream works to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s natural barrier through TNS, peptides, and patented ceramide technology. TNS is a combination of hydrating proteins. It’s a clinically proven ingredient that reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves skin texture.

SkinMedica’s anti-aging cream only comes in a 56.7mL tube. You’ll be able to purchase it on Amazon, Walmart, and Dermstore.

Pros: Very Moisturizing. Leaves Skin Healthy-Looking.

Cons: Expensive. Thick Formula.

2. L’Oreal Paris Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C

If you’re looking for a cream that leaves you with dewy and healthy skin, then L’Oreal’s serum is your best choice. This anti-aging cream will give you skin softer than it’s ever been. Combining hyaluronic acid with vitamin C allows for the skin to be left plump and glowing. 

L’Oreal’s serum ranges from 30mL to 50mL. You’ll find this product at Amazon, Walmart, and CVS.

Pros: Fragrance-free. Can Be Used Under Make-up.

Cons: Users Talk of Packaging Problems.

3. RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream

RoC is one of the best anti-aging creams for people with sensitive skin. It contains retinol but rarely does any customer experience irritation. To make matters better, many start to see results as quickly as one week.

You can find RoC’s anti-wrinkle cream at Walmart in a 30mL tube. It’s also available on Amazon and Walgreens.

Pros: Affordable. 96% of Women Had No or Minimal Irritation.

Cons: Users Talk of Dry Skin After Use.

Strongest Anti-Aging Creams 

Trying to get rid of all those fine lines? These products are well-known for how effective they are in reducing wrinkles and the effect of aging. 

1. Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream

Drunk Elephant is known to mesh well-working ingredients together to create the strongest cream formula. A-Passioni uses retinol, peptides, and an entire slew of lightweight oils to replenish moisture and dramatically reduce wrinkles. 

Walk into any Ulta Beauty, and you’ll be able to find this 30mL cream easily. Other stores carrying it are Amazon and Walmart.

Pros: 1% Vegan Retinol. Great for Acne-prone skin.

Cons: Users Mention Packaging Problems.

2. Estēe Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Moisturizer Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme 

Estēe Lauder’s Moringa Extract is known to hydrate, soften, and replenish your skin through cell renewal. By adding this extract to their anti-aging cream, your skin will come out firm, dewy, bouncy, and fresh.

This 50mL to 73mL product is sold at Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and Walmart.

Pros: Pleasant Formula. Contains SPF.

Cons: Expensive.


3. Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-plumping Serum

Though not your conventional form of anti-aging cream, Elizabeth Arden’s serum takes a modern twist on age reversal products. These moisture magnets work together with tightening ceramides to leave you with glowing, youthful skin.

You can purchase around 30 to 90 of these hydrating capsules. They are sold at your nearest Macy’s, Ulta Beauty, and on Amazon.

Pros: 98% See Plumper Skin. No Irritation.

Cons: Greasy Formula.

Best Anti-Aging Creams for Dry Textured Skin

Dry skin can result in your wrinkles looking worse, so you must make sure you’re keeping hydrated with these products!

1. Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

By having a hyaluronic base, this anti-wrinkle cream is unbelievably moisturizing. You won’t gain a single wrinkle from dehydration with this product!

This serum is available in a 10mL bottle to 100mL. Though commonly purchased through Nordstrom, you can also find this product on Amazon. 

Pros: Intensive Hydration. Great for Sensitive Skin.

Cons: Very Expensive.

2. 111 Skin Molecular Hydration Mask

This cream is known for its multi-fusion hyaluronic acid meshed with vitamin C and humectants. With such a combination, Skin Molecular’s anti-aging mask restores dry, dehydrated skin to prevent future wrinkles.

Dermstore sells this product at 75mL, along with eCosmetics and Cult Beauty.

Pros: Leaves Skin Radiant and Hydrated.

Cons: Expensive.

3. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Combining hyaluronic acid and algae extract results in an anti-wrinkle cream that’s perfect to add to your daily moisturizer. Dermalogica’s booster cream is made to amplify hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines. By itself or with other products, it is moisture heaven!

You’ll find it on official website, at Walmart and Ulta Beauty as well.

Pros: Vegan. Extremely Hydrating.

Cons: Best Used with Another Moisturizer.

Best Anti-Aging Creams, on Budget

Anti-aging creams can get pretty expensive, but luckily we have some budget-friendly options that still work just as well.

1. Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Eucerin’s anti-wrinkle cream is gentle, nourishing, and overall a solid option if you’re looking for a low-price anti-age cream. It is dermatologist recommended due to its Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, and Beta-Carotene enrichment.

A 50mL jar of Eucerin is available for purchase in almost any skincare department, including Walgreens, Walmart, and Amazon.

Pros: Fragrance-free. Great for Sensitive Skin.

Cons: Less Effective Wrinkle Treatment.

2. No7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum

No7’s serum is both convenient and effective. You get a good bang for your buck with this product; it’s not only moisturizing but also fills in those pesky wrinkles to leave you with healthier skin.

Head to your local Target to purchase a 15mL tube. If not, you can find it at Walgreens or Walmart. 

Pros: Very Inexpensive. Lightweight.

Cons: Strong Scent.

3. RoC Retinol Correxion Max Daily Hydration Creme

RoC’s anti-wrinkle creams are a great alternative to many high-end creams. If anything, RoC’s product works a bit better, especially in terms of hydration. This cream is created to give you the best moisture mixed with retinol, but without skin irritation.

RoC is popular at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. It comes in a 50mL jar or 30mL tube.

Pros: Great for Sensitive Skin. No Irritability.

Cons: Strong Scent.

How to Choose the Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams

With so many different brands, choosing the best anti-aging creams for you is no easy feat. To help you condense your options, guide yourself through the following questions to know what your wrinkle cream options are. 

What’s Your Skin-Type?: Your skin type is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an anti-wrinkle cream.

Is your skin dry or oily? Do you struggle with large pores? Are you more vulnerable to hyperpigmentation? By knowing the answers to all these questions, you’ll be able to figure out what cream is the best for you.

For example, if you struggle with dry skin, you should choose an anti-aging cream that uses hyaluronic acid. This acid is known to retain water and boost skin moisture. You’ll be able to reduce the effects of aging, as well as address common skin texture issues.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?: If you’ve ever struggled with sensitive skin, you know how frustrating it can be to stop using effective products just because your skin is irritable. Having sensitive skin means you have to be extra vigilant about what creams you use. 

Creams containing aloe vera, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, etc have built-in ingredients that reduce skin inflammation. As you search for the best anti-aging cream, keep in mind that creams with these components are the best fit for sensitive skin.

How Strong Do You Want Your Anti-Aging Cream?: Some aging cream works overnight, while others can take months to see results. Most people prefer to see results as soon as possible. However, others prefer a more delicate approach, and would rather not subject their skin to harsh moisturizers constantly. 

Using creams that have low dosages of ingredients such as retinol can be beneficial to use. You allow your skin to become adjusted to the change; you’ll also have a steady routine, and applying moisturizers will become a lifestyle change. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Anti-Aging Creams and Serums

Using your anti-aging cream by itself is great, but complementing your product with other changes will help you see efficient results. Anti-wrinkle creams can be harsh products; you’ll find that using them in conjunction with the following actions will result in the best skin outcome.

Use Creams With an SPF: Most anti-aging creams will contain ingredients like retinol, which makes your skin vulnerable to UV rays. Anti-aging creams work because they use these intense ingredients; that’s why you must apply SPF consistently to protect your skin. 

Exfoliate Your Skin: Your skin sheds daily, so exfoliating is a must to make your anti-wrinkle creams work best. Scrubbing your face two to three times a week will unclog your pores and allow your cream to work properly. 

Use Complementing Products: Everyone talks about how you should be cautious about using certain anti-aging ingredients together, but what about the ones that complement each other? 

For example, retinol and hyaluronic acid are one of the best anti-aging combinations on the market. Similarly, Matrixyl combined with biotechnological ingredients such as Snow Algae Powder or DracoBelle can make a phenomenal anti-aging product.

Eat Foods With Vitamin C: Your diet plays a huge part in how healthy your skin is. Eating foods high in vitamin C will result in a large payoff; you’ll be eating healthier and boosting your skin quality. Eating foods such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and bell peppers can work wonders in improving your wrinkles.

Use Supplements: Supplements are another way to boost your collagen production. Taking supplements every morning can increase the effectiveness of your anti-aging skincare routine.

For instance, Ingredient Secret offers a powerful and natural anti-aging supplement that uses Dracobelle and hyaluronic acid as its base. This supplement keeps you moisturized while also protecting your skin from oxidative stress, such as pollution or tobacco smoke.

Supplements can improve your skin in ways a cream may not, so it’s in your best interest to research the best anti-aging supplements for you!

Complete Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Developing a skincare routine with the best anti-aging creams isn’t easy. You’ll be ten toes deep into research and find yourself more lost than you think. Luckily, our curated list offers great insight into the best anti-wrinkle creams for your skin.

Looking to know more about different anti-aging cream ingredients? Get in touch with us, and we can guide you to your ideal product!

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